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President & CEO


Mr. Stephen G. Kamau is the President & CEO of Boldman Group International, INC. In this role, Mr. Kamau is responsible for the overall strategy, operation, and day-to-day smooth functioning of the firm.


Prior to assuming the Presidency & CEO position,  Mr. Kamau worked in the hospitality industry before joining a Fortune 500 company as a Financial Advisor where he advised small business and non-profit organizations. He was one of the top producers and received awards for the best performance.


His experience includes trading in stock mutual funds, protection products, and emerging markets. He advised on market entry, consulting, and research for Boldman Group International in the core markets of Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South, and Latin American Regions. He designed and conducted  Financial seminars for a wide range of clients.

Mr. Kamau also worked as a Director of Policy and Research for a City government.  In this role, he was responsible for overseeing research development and management, developing policy programs on affordable housing, public transport, and workforce development. He was also responsible for engaging and building a network of public officials, constituency, and implementation of policy projects.

Mr. Kamau graduated from Harvard University with a BA Degree in Liberal Arts, where he enrolled in the same program and completed coursework towards a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts.


VP of Global Markets

Henry is an accomplished financial derivatives and structured products professional with over 27 years of capital markets and emerging markets experience. He has held senior-level positions in various Wall Street firms including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Credit Suisse, and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, among others.


Through these positions, he has structured and executed financial transactions with a wide range of end-users such as corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, and governmental agencies. Prior to his work on Wall Street, Henley worked in the US Space Program for 8 years, specifically on the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), space station design, and robotics.


Henry holds a Bachelors's and Master's of Science in Engineering from MIT, a Master's of Science in Finance and Applied Economics from MIT, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering from the University of California.


Vice President of North American Market

Leon has twenty-eight years of experience in the fixed-income capital markets, with a background that includes trading, quantitative strategy, and market-risk roles in rates, rate derivatives, mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), asset-backed securities (ABSs), credit, and credit derivatives.  His most recent position was at RBC Capital Markets; prior to RBC, he worked at Bank of America Securities, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp Securities, and Morgan Stanley.  


Throughout his quant roles, Leon worked to establish a proactive dialog with traders and strategists in order to formulate a complete picture of market dynamics and their implications for modeling and market risk.  He also has a wealth of experience in quant-finance education.  Since 2008 he has taught quant finance at New York University, Columbia University, and Baruch College - CUNY.  


Currently, Leon is an adjunct professor of quant finance at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Tandon School of Engineering.   He holds an SB in mathematics (MIT) and was a grad student in mathematics (Brown University).


Group Managing Director, Middle East & Africa


Mr. James M Mugo is the Group Managing director of Boldman Group  Middle East And Africa LTD, a subsidiary of Boldman Group International INC with the whole responsibilities of African and Middle East Region. His role in this position among others includes strategy, market development, deal evaluation, sales, and marketing in our sectors of interests in infrastructure, mass housing development, agribusiness, energy, and value-added manufacturing.

Prior to joining Boldman Group, Mr. Mugo gained over ten years of experience in public sectors in monetary policy, taxation, debts collection, and management.   He also gained three years of experience in sales and marketing of agribusiness in exports of flowers in European markets.

He also gained valuable experience as a developer in the housing sector. Mr. Mugo obtained a BSE degree in Economics from Arizona  State University.

Bertram Charles Alexander

Registered Architect / Master Community Planner


Founding/Lead Partner of 21st Century Developers, LLC;  and, 21st Century Developers-Kenya, LTD, Mr. Alexander is working in countries of East Africa to bring together a diverse group of professional partners, native to the specific country and African Americans. These compositions of key partners: architects, construction managers, civil/environmental engineers, city planners, are facilitated by Mr. Alexander as a successful team is critical to his greater vision. A vision he has now engaged, now five years, in three countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.


In his role is responsible for: 1) training of local citizens with the necessary skills required in the construction of selected model units. 2) purchasing and utilizing local materials and hardware businesses to effectively facilitate housing production of units. 3) expediting even faster delivery and completion of housing units, by use of local manufacturing production plant(s). 4) employing local citizens as workers in the manufacturing plant(s). 5) employing local subcontractors/crews to build units as required.


His multi-talented expertise brings unmatched creativity and depth in the areas of design and construction of affordable housing (single and multi-family), schools, community facilities, medical clinics, and daycares.  


Prior to establishing 21st Century Developers, LLC, Mr. Alexander founded and is still president of an award-winning architectural/planning/development firm, First World Architects Studio (FWAS), for more than 39 years now.  FWAS has an unmatched, for its size, portfolio of diverse, innovative, and successful projects across the spectrum of construction. In 1980, before Green Architecture became fashionable, Mr. Alexander was designing and building solar houses/projects. He traveled and studied in Sweden among leaders in the solar design industry.


Having grown up in construction, beginning with planning and building electrical utility substations in and surrounding his hometown as a teenager, he now has over 45 years of hands-on construction experience practice. Mr. Alexander is therefore the rarest of rare and an architect who can practically build any design and/or solve construction issues on site. 


Mr. Alexander has taught, as an Assistant Professor, in the Miami University (Ohio) architecture program, subject architectural design and real estate development feasibility. That 11-year stint was proceeded by four years at two other technical colleges.


He holds an MCP in planning, a BS in architecture, both from the University of Cincinnati. He holds various other certificates of advanced educational learning including four from Harvard Graduate School of Design; Design/Build University; Public/Private Finance for non-profit and profit Partnerships.


Dr. Massaquoi has a Ed. D and M. Ed from Boston University with a concentration in clinical counseling and biomedical sciences. Dr. Massaquoi has applied his skills as a clinician, supervisor, educator, and program manager to projects in Europe, Africa, and America. He has trained managers, facilitated workshops on team-building, and lectured in colleges in America and abroad.


James Simpson was born and raised in Reading, MA. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a B.A. in French, James pursued work in administrative support, copy editing and proofreading, and technical support.


He currently lives in Boston, where he devotes considerable volunteer time to community organizations, including the Boston Living Center, Pathways to Wellness, the Boston Center for Independent Living, the First Church in Boston, and the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay. James enjoys community and political activism, travel, friends, and family.


He has a keen mind and wide-ranging curiosity, as well as a deep appreciation of art of all kinds, and the peoples and cultures of the world who make such curiosity and appreciation possible.


​Joseph D. Feaster, Jr. is Counsel to the Boston law firm of McKenzie & Associates, P.C. A graduate of Northeastern University and Northeastern University School of Law, Mr. Feaster has also completed programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Real Estate Development and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Prior to joining McKenzie & Associates, P.C., Mr. Feaster was Counsel to the firm of Wynn & Wynn, P.C. Mr. Feaster is Senior Vice President of Victory Group, a government and community relations firm, and also President of Feaster Enterprises, a consulting firm engaged in strategic planning, organizational development, board development, and community outreach. He also served for 18 months as the Interim Administrator of the Boston Housing Authority, the 8th largest public housing authority in the United States; as President of the Massachusetts Community and Banking Council; as host of a talk show on WRKO radio in Boston; as Acting Director of Real Estate for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority; as Assistant Secretary and General Counsel in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance; as Associate General Counsel at the Prudential Insurance Company of America’s Northeastern Home Office; and as an Attorney at the National Labor Relations Board’s Boston Regional office.


Known for pioneering research on the medical applications of non-classical electromagnetic energy, Dr. Rein is a leader in Bioelectromagnetics and the emerging field of Energy Medicine. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of London and went on to conduct biomedical research for 25 years at prestigious academic institutions including Stanford and Harvard Medical Schools. His academic career culminated with two publications in the prestigious journal Nature and an assistant professorship at Mt. Sinai Medical School. Dr. Rein also has 14 years of corporate experience doing New Venture research and product development for a Fortune 500 biotech company.  More recently, he founded the Quantum Biology Research Labs (QBRL) in Colorado, with a startup grant from the Fetzer Institute, which now conducting pioneering research on non-classical EM (scalar) fields and quantum information utilization/storage in biological systems (eg. DNA) and water. Dr. Rein used quantum biology to understand Iself-organization, quantum coherence, and energy-based healing mechanisms. Dr. Rein is the author of the book Quantum Biology: Healing with Subtle Energy and is the author or co-author of four patents, 25 papers on bioelectromagnetics, and over 40 articles in biochemistry, neuroscience, and pharmacology. Dr. Rein is the founder and CEO of Innovative Biophysical Technologies, a new subsidiary of the QBRL, which offers individualized biochemical and biophysical contract research services.  Published theoretical articles on the quantum nature of consciousness and the mind. Invited speaker at numerous international conferences and has made numerous media appearances on radio and TV. Dr. Rein is on a number of scientific and editorial boards including the  Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine and Planetary Assoc. Clean Energy.

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