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Boldman Group International (BGI) is a diversified corporation that trades goods and services in undervalued markets. We are international infrastructure developers who collaborate with quasi-institutions on a public-private partnership basis. We partner through strategic alliances and undertake high capital investments to create value and drive financial performance.


BGI collaborates with partners with proven work experience and performance in the fields of infrastructure, agribusiness, renewable energy, housing development, and light industrial manufacturing. Specifically housing development,  BGI partners with quasi-housing corporations in global markets to develop affordable residential and commercial undertakings.


Our ultimate objective is to increase profitability while creating additional value in the global markets and improving the infrastructure of the multiple communities where we operate around the world. Our procurement division is actively involved in the bidding of goods and services in global markets at a competitive rate.


Learn more about BGI's approach and focus on long-term growth in self-sustaining ventures here.

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