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Boldman Group International Inc. (BGI) partners with quasi corporations in global markets through joint ventures that include private-public participation to create wealth and self-sustaining enterprises.  We bring innovative ideas and technology together that helps reduce costs and adds value to our clients’ projects.


In our quest for continuing our proven success, BGI is always seeking reputable international organizations, local professionals, and innovators as strategic partners. 


At Boldman Group International we carefully analyze and research every detail and component of a project to arrive at a strategy to help achieve and ensure a successful outcome.  We inject capital into high-growth diverse agencies and individuals who develop and promote worldwide large-scale projects in the following areas found below.


BGI provides support for enterprises in areas such as infrastructure, renewable energy, residential and commercial real estate development, agribusiness, and the manufacturing of high-value products.  We focus on long-term growth by creating and fostering initiatives to strengthen and grow businesses through public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and concession arrangements. 


Sectors BGI Engages In

Renewable Energy



Real Estate (Residential/Commercial)


High-Value Products

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